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The Pennington Conservation District Organization meeting was held August 8, 1940.  the problems facing the district as specified by the supervisors were: Wind Erosion, Water Erosion, Noxious Weeds and a shortage of water for livestock and for irrigation.

The original district as formed comprised approximately 82,758 acres.  On July 14, 1942, approval was made of inclusion of an additional 48, 640 acres and on July 24, 1943, further approval was made for 128,640 acres.  On August 10, 1945, approval was made for inclusion of all land in Pennington County west of the Cheyenne River excepting federal land or land in townships.  Total acres now amounted to 755,115 acres.  in 1963 the state legislation made changes in state law which enables the district to expand to include land which previously had been excluded.  As a result of this legislation, the size of the district was expected to be increased to 980,425 acres which includes federal land and townships located within the district boundaries.

The location of the Pennington Conservation District is the far west central part of South Dakota.  The Wyoming state line forms the western boundary, Lawrence and Meade Counties on the north, the Cheyenne River on the east and Custer County on the south.


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